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Welcome to Alu Fabricators

We are a one stop solution for all your home improvement and repair requirements.

Alu Fabricators is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional standards of service and innovative design solutions, using the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Prompt responses to your requests for bid

The response time for quotation, requests never has a turn-around time of more than 24 hours, from receipt of your e-mail, fax or telephone call request.

Competitive prices

In dealing with a South African based company, the current rates of exchange are definitely in your favor. We do afford preferred customers, settlement discounts as well as discounts for large contracts. This is due to the fact that it sometimes cost less to produce in bulk and the client then also benefits.

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Quoting delivery schedules that we can and will meet

Priority is a key factor in our operation. We understand that there are always dead-lines to be met and we will always move mountains to get your order to you on time. Our staff is not unknown, for working through the night, all hands on deck, on projects where delays, are caused, by other parties involved in the project. Our motto is TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More

Quality that conforms to your requirements

A quotation, artwork and specifications are the three control documents used on every project undertaken by us. These have to be signed off by the person who is placing the order. These three documents are the only instructions used and any changes, which are made, must also be signed off by the person placing the order. This job card is the document, which has all the controls contained in it and it is followed to the letter. The company has a Quality Charter, which is strictly adhered to by all departments of our company. Do it right the first time, Once only.